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Kołobrzeg is not only about sunbathing and walks on the beach, but it is also a place of entertainment. If you want to plan your holiday better, we encourage you to discover the attractions of Kołobrzeg and its surroundings. Download the app Kołobrzeg RE:GENERACJA (google play, iPhone), where you will find the most important tourist attractions in the town as well as a rich catalogue of events and articles. In addition to the monuments that cannot be missed (audio guide and map are available) the application also suggests hiking, cycling and canoeing trails.

Near the complex there is also the famous Kołobrzeg Amphitheatre, a venue of annual festivals and concerts given by Polish and foreign performers. You can also have a laugh watching one of the many cabaret shows. Tourists are very fond of the Stone Bulwark (Kamienny Szaniec) located just by the beach – it is a restaurant, cafè, smoking house and a place of outdoor concert evenings and dances with live music.

Our entertainer will sell you tickets for a ship cruise (ships depart from the port wharf), organise a cruise to the Danish island of Bornholm and suggest many interesting trips around Kolobrzeg and the surrounding area. On special request we can organise a private party or other attractions such as a cod fishing cruise.

There are several locations from which you can take a bird’s eye view of the town’s panorama. The Observation Balcony of the Co-Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption of Virgin Mary can be accessed by a lift or by climbing a winding staircase. The Basilica was built in the 14th century in the Gothic style and is located in the centre of the town thanks to which its tower offers a good view of Kołobrzeg. The tourist attraction you cannot miss is the symbol of the town – the lighthouse. We suggest you combine the visit to the lighthouse with visiting the underground Mineral Museum (Muzeum Minerałów) that holds the largest seashell in Poland and a unique collection of minerals. The last vantage point is the Eleven Club panoramic cafè, the only such place in Poland where the floor revolves around its axis creating a nice atmosphere for drinking coffee.

Sea wolves will enjoy various tourist and fishing cruises. The fleet includes a ship stylised as a Viking boat or Christopher Columbus’s Santa Maria, with some of the vessels going out to sea all year long. Polish elements are also present. You can go on a cruise in a genuine torpedo submarine. The cruise provides an opportunity to inspect almost every nook and cranny of the boat and the experienced crew will tell you some interesting stories of the vessel now recalled from military service. The open-air Sea Museum (Skansen Morski) features the ORP Fala, a ship that belonged to the Kołobrzeg border guard and protected our maritime border. If you come empty-handed form your fishing cruise, you can buy fresh fish in the port straight off a fishing boat.

Kołobrzeg is full of unique attractions for children. In the Hidden Land children may use magic wands to find fairy tale characters, interact with them and try their hand at magic tricks. In the 6D Museum they can learn everything about the maszops, fishermen who used to live in this region. It is a fun way for kids to get to know local traditions and travel back in time thanks to 3D goggles and special effects. In the City of Mice you can see over 500 live mice of different species in a fairy-tale setting full of labyrinths and mouse-scale architecture. The Wax Museum (Muzeum Figur Woskowych) offers you an opportunity to meet your favourite celebrities and take a selfie with them. Give a high five to the sprinter Usain Bolt, Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman, President Barack Obama, legendary basketball player Michael Jordan and Robert Lewandowski.

History fans will be enthralled by the Museum of Polish Arms (Muzeum Oręża Polskiego) where they can admire a genuine German WW2 tank, the Iskra airplane, a rocket launcher or the Błyskawica machine gun used by participants in the Warsaw Uprising.

If you feel like venturing outside Kołobrzeg in a car, one of the popular destinations is the Wild West Theme Park (Park Rozrywki Dziki Zachód) in Zieleniewo (about 7 km). Among its attractions there is a genuine Indian Village where you can learn to shoot a bow and walk though a labyrinth of the Shoshones who will tell you about their customs, traditional outfits and dances. The Western City is a realistic mock-up of a wild west town where you can witness a bank hold-up, see stunt shows and try your luck at bull rodeo and shooting. In the Mini Zoo you can get close to animals and feed them. The Moto Park and Amusement Park offer a ride in a draisine handcar, visit to an autodrome and road traffic village and, just for daredevils, a tightrope bike ride. A little farther on (about 15 km), the village of Dygowo features the Pomerania Fun Park with such attractions as a playroom for the youngest kids, merry-go-round, dragon rollercoaster, water land, inflatable castles and a mini zoo with alpacas, ponies, peacocks and a herd of deer. The same complex includes the Viking Village where you can see how the Vikings used to live and learn about the secrets of their warfare and tool making. In Dobrzyca (about 29 km) you can visit the Hortulus Gardens. Spanning the area of 4.5 hectares, the Hortulus contains 30 different theme gardens of delightful beauty and diversity such as the rock, forest, Japanese, Mediterranean and French gardens, the complex of sensory gardens and Hortulus Spectabilis (12 hectares), the world’s largest hornbeam labyrinth with a 20-metre-high observation tower located in its centre.

Please find below the nearest attractions:


  • Amphitheatre (300 m)
  • Stefan Żeromski Park (300 m)
  • Aleksander Fredro Park (300 m)
  • Eastern Eco Park (Ekopark Wschodni) (2 km)
  • Army Nurse Monument in Kołobrzeg (950 m)
  • Powder Tower (Baszta Lontowa) (1.1 km)
  • Modern Art Gallery (1.3 km)
  • Oceanarium (1.7km)
  • Town Hall (1.9 km)
  • Pier (2.2 km)
  • Aqua Park (2.3km)
  • Lighthouse (2.5 km)

In Kołobrzeg

  • 6D museum Museum of Polish Arms (Muzeum Oręża Polskiego)
  • City of Mice in Kołobrzeg
  • Hidden Land
  • Amber Museum (Muzeum Bursztynu)
  • Wax Museum (Muzeum Figur Woskowych)
  • 3D Fantasy Gallery
  • Observation Platform on the Cathedral Tower
  • Mineral Museum (Muzeum Minerałów)
  • Patria Colbergiensis Kołobrzeg Museum
  • Marian Seagulls
  • Saline spring

In the region

  • Wild West Theme Park (Park Rozrywki Dziki Zachód) (Zieleniewo ~7 km)
  • Pomerania Fun Park (Pyszka ~15 km)
  • Bread Museum (Skansen Chleba) (Ustronie Morskie ~14 km)
  • 7D Mobile Cinema (Ustronie Morskie)
  • Gibon Ropes Course (Ustronie Morskie)
  • Bolesław and Warcisław Oak Trees (Ustronie Morskie)
  • Western City (Ustronie Morskie ~14 km)
  • Hortulus Gardens (Dobrzyca ~29 km)


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